TS3 100S

Handheld, Battery Powered, Built-in LCD

Rich Touch Screen Interface

1280 x 1024 at 500 fps CMOS Sensor

Over 20,000 fps at Reduced Resolutions

Up to 256 GB of onboard image storage options

Portability - With its small form factor, battery operation, large built in LCD screen and intuitive onscreen menu system, the TS3 puts the power of a traditional high speed camera in the palm of your hands.

High Resolution High-Speed Images - The Fastec TS3 records 1280 x 1024 megapixel resolution at over 500 frames per second with recording rates of over 20,000 frames per second at reduced resolutions, almost no event is too fast for the TS3.

Flexible Control - The TS3 can be operated as a self-contained, handheld camera, or controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via a PC or MAC, or even over the Internet using a standard web browser for long distance control.

Multiple Storage Options - The TS3 features both USB ports and SD ports to allow users to easily download images to thumb drives, SD cards, or portable hard drives. Additionally, an optional built-in SSD, (Solid State Drive), provides for up to 256GB of non-volatile internal storage. Shoot all day long without having to download to a computer.